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Landfilling of Waste

The landfill is designed and built for final disposal of dry solid and/or dust hazardous and non-hazardous waste, thereunder waste from the iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, waste from thermal processes, from superficial chemical, physical and mechanical processing, construction and demolition waste, contaminated soil etc.

Waste landfilling is a method that does not provide for further treatment of waste and is applicable to waste stored for a period longer than three years for waste intended for recovery, and longer than one year for waste intended for disposal. The landfill of DIO PERNIK LTD is designed for the safe disposal of the wastes ensuring the protection of human health and the environment  according to the Waste Management Act.

Only solid (including powdered), stabilized waste from the Bulgarian industry is accepted at the Landfill after their preliminary treatment / stabilization and characterization according to the requirements of Ordinance № 6/27.08.2013 for construction and operation of landfills and other facilities and installations for recovery and disposal of waste. The wastes must meet the criteria set out in Annex № 1 of the cited Ordinance on the admissibility for disposal of the respective class of landfill, Ordinance № 2/23.07.2014 on waste classification, Waste Management Act, Guide for pre-treatment before waste disposal in Bulgaria (approved by Order № РД - 664 of 29.08.2014 of the Minister of Environment and Water), Guide for basic characterization of waste and application of the criteria for acceptance of waste at different classes of landfills (approved by Order № РД - 156 of 04.03.2015 of the Minister of Environment and Water), as well as according to the Operating Permit of the landfill.

Waste to be disposed of should be delivered by specialized transport, properly packaged and accompanied by a Waste Classification Worksheet, Protocol from an accredited laboratory for their characterization and admissibility for disposal, Basic characterization report and all other permits according to national environmental legislation.